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    The future of DRTV

    The Future of DRTV – 2020 & Beyond

    Nobody needs to read a blog post about the current situation that we are in and the fragile state of the markets and the economy. We all know the effect that COVID-19 is having on our day to day lives and the fact that, right now in may 2020, the future looks uncertain.  However, there are reasons to be optimistic about the future of DRTV and direct marketing in general.  Let me give you three reasons why:

    1)  Almost all of the colleagues in Direct Response that I have spoken in the last few weeks are doing extremely well. It hardly needs highlighting that people are spending more time in front of their TVs reading the press so are being exposed to DRTV media much more than usual. And clearly, this extra exposure is still converting very nicely indeed into sales, especially in the cleaning, housewares and fitness categories. In fact two of my colleagues have reported that their biggest challenge is not having nearly enough stock! Of all the challenges you could face, that is definitely the preferable one!

    Often, the products that we sell show features that will help the consumer to look and feel better, or to save time, effort and above all, money.

    2)  It is in the direct marketer’s DNA to adapt and thrive, even in tough circumstances. In years gone by, when times have been tough, direct marketing and it’s products have continued to do well. Often, the products that we sell show features that will help the consumer to look and feel better, or to save time, effort and above all, money. This is a powerful and effective marketing message in good times as well as bad.

    3)  “They don’t think in terms of selling, they’ve never tasted blood” – the words of advertising guru David Ogilvy on the advantages of direct marketers over “regular” marketing. The “regular” marketer doesn’t engage with long copy, doesn’t understand the benefits of longform marketing and can’t account for any of his marketing spend. We as direct marketers do engage with long copy, and we excel at it. We do understand the benefits of longer format, more fringe media and we an account for every penny of spend, and how it has performed. You can see and enjoy all of David Ogilvy’s thoughts on direct marketing. The film may be a little old, but the messages are just as relevant today as they have ever been. Watch The Film on YouTube Here. A further blog post on how the principles of direct marketing – particularly in terms of TV advertising – haven’t changed since the early infomercial pioneers to follow soon!

    So, for these three reasons, historical success during tough times, the ability of direct marketers to adapt to any market and the fact that we do things differently – and better – than “regular” marketing mean that we are doing well now in the middle of a global crisis and we will continue to thrive when we come out the other side. The future of DRTV looks bright.
    There will always be a market. There will always be customers. You simply need to know where to find them and how to market to them. And for that, you need a direct marketer.

    Wishing you, your friends and your family good health during these tough times.

    These are exciting times and the future of DRTV looks incredibly bright. Get in touch today to discuss supercharging your next marketing campaign with the power of Direct Response?   Contact us here! 


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