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    Exciting times for Responsive Tv and the ERA

    Exciting Times for Responsive TV and The ERA

    These are exciting times for Responsive TV and the ERA. At the end of last year, I was delighted to be offered the role of General Secretary of ERA Global (UK).

    In the past I have had the pleasure of organising social get togethers for all those involved in DR in the UK. It is great to have these events and they are so useful, not only to meet up with colleagues and friends but also as a networking opportunity. I am always grateful to the sponsors, including SKY, Mango, JML, Dormeo and other well respected names in DR.

    But this new role at ERA Global will allow me to take this one stage further. I passionately believe that being a member of an organisation such as ERA Global is beneficial for everybody. Let’s be honest – this is, relatively speaking, a small and specialised industry. To have an organisation that will support us, provide us with information, ideas and industry events such as the ERA Global Conference is something that we should all consider getting involved with. It will be beneficial to us all to share our ideas and experiences.

    Direct Response marketing is an exciting, dynamic industry and one that I am delighted to have been involved with for over 20 years.

    There is no doubt that attending the now infamous ERA conferences in Las Vegas helped to fuel my enthusiasm and deepen my knowledge of the TV and Home Shopping industry. At these events I met contacts and forged friendships with colleagues who have been instrumental in helping Responsive TV get where we are today and to help our clients achieve successful DR campaigns. I also attended meetings and seminars and met other Producers whose work I admired. To a self-confessed infomercial geek this was an inspiring event!

    Within this new role, I have also taken ERA Global’s seat at BCAP – the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice. This is the code by which all advertisements must adhere and is enforced by the ASA. Broadcast compliance is an area that Responsive TV specialise, so it will only benefit us to have an even deeper knowledge of the Code and to have a voice in any updates and developments. This is something that I shall report to ERA Global members on, as well as being of benefit to Responsive TV’s clients for even better script clearance services.

    Direct Response marketing is an exciting, dynamic industry and one that I am delighted to have been involved with for over 20 years. This new role at ERA Global (UK) is one that will benefit not only Responsive TV and our clients, but my UK DR colleagues as well.

    There is a feature on this new role in the latest edition of the ERA Global spring newsletter here: ERA Global Spring Newsletter

    These are exciting times for Responsive TV and the ERA. Why not find out how Responsive TV can help supercharge your next marketing campaign? Contact us here! 

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